Welcome to the studio!

Welcome to the studio!

First of all many thanks for popping by!


Welcome to my hideaway at the bottom of my garden! Studio 7t7 is where I make everything and anything that takes my fancy!

I have a love for beautiful fabrics and findings together with a love for sculpture and the 3D form. Add to this the fact that I’m a mama to a free spirited gorgeous little lady and the items you see is what you get!

I try to make everything into something that I’d love to give or receive and indeed most of my items were originally things I made as a gift or for my little one, so each has been road tested before going into my shop!

I started making things as a very little girl with my first sewing machine being given to me around the age of 5 or 6. Like a lot of 80’s kids I was a little obsessed with blue peter and being a blue peter presenter was my ambition for a long time!

Drama school and a year as an exchange student in Illinois, America followed, by which time I decided I would prefer to go the ‘behind the scenes’ route into the entertainment industry.

After a degree in costume and technical effects at The London College of Fashion I’ve worked for the last 13 years making strange and wonderful creatures, puppets and costumes including the Batsuit, Kurse for Thor 2, The Beast for x:men, many Harry Potter beings and my favourite make: Iggle Piggle for In The Night Garden.

In my other life (I have about 4!) I’m also a guerrilla knitter, knitting graffiti artist or street artist under the name of The Fastener.

As one half of Knit The City, we knit, crochet and craft wooly tales through London and around the world. You may have heard me on BBC London radio or seen me on This Morning.

We are the original london knitting graffiti group and one of the first groups to cover the street in yarny tales.

Most of my makes here are children based, with colourful fabrics and bright glitter, perfect for the little people in your life, many of them are personalised and are practical as well as pretty to look at.

Please stay tuned as Studio 7t7 evolves into a bigger brand and more items are added. Feel free to message me with any requests or just to say hi- I’d love to hear from you! And thank you for reading and joining me on this adventure.

Don’t forget to sign up by email to keep hearing all my latest news… Including my big relaunch at the beginning of November when I’ll be going full time with Studio 7t7.

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