Order books opening Soon!


First off apologies for the radio silence! It’s been a little crazy over the last few months with my film work taking over a little. But, things are a little calmer now and so I’m excited to say that I’m opening my order books this coming Saturday!

All products will go live again both here and on my Etsy shop from 10am GMT.

I’m also going to be kicking off the day with a Facebook live post. If you’re not sure what that means, it’s basically a way for me to do a live video, to chat with you and for you to add instant comments for me to respond/reply to.
I’m welcoming any questions you may have about me or the products- anything you like!

I’ll also be showing off nearly all my products so that you can hopefully see them better in video format, as it’s not always easy to see in photographs.

If you’re not around at that time though, please don’t worry as you can watch it ‘on catch up’ after the live post has finished, simply head to the Facebook page and look in the videos section. I do hope to see you there though.

And if you didn’t catch my recent live post, you may want to head on over to take a look as I showed a sneaky peak at my brand new travel toy! It’s all over HERE.

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