iggle piggle Based in Hertfordshire, Emma Brassfield creates all of the Studio 7t7 items.

After having her daughter, Emma wanted to find unique gifts and items that you would be proud to give and equally thrilled to receive. After finding a distinct lack of affordable, beautiful and well made items, Studio 7t7 as you see it was born.

For the past 12 years she has been creating magical creatures and wonderful characters for film and TV. Her credits include The Batsuit for Batman Begins, Mythical creatures for Harry Potter, Kurse for Thor 2, The Zingzillas and her most favourite creation: Iggle Piggle for In The Night Garden.

All of the skills she has learned through her adventures during this time have been harnessed into her special creations. From sculpting and mould making to patterning and sewing, she creates unique items that have been made with love and created just for you.

Each item has been tested either by her mini studio mate, Leila or through mini product testers found on social media. (Follow Studio 7t7 on facebook to hear about becoming a tester!)

Looking for something unique and beautiful?

Fed up with all the same products you see everywhere?

Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and browse the Studio for fabulous finds and gorgeous gifts and if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, why not message Emma so she can make it exactly to your wishes?