A snow white party fit for a princess!

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Last friday was my daughter’s 4th birthday and as a huge princess and snow white fan, I thought I would try to create a snow white party for her to remember. I hope you can use some of the same ideas for your own princess party and that you enjoy my pics.

snow white party table


I’m very lucky to have a fantastic network of local friends who helped me a great deal – lending me the fantastic parachute, lots of decor items and helping me with some of the food too. That’s not to mention my Mum and Step Dad coming up to help decorate and look after the little lady during the prep! What do you think? Please drop me a message below…

snow white theme cake

snow white photo prop

toffee apples for snow white party snow white cookies DSC_4740 snow white theme party masks snow white's poison apple heigh ho - snow white theme party
snow white theme party snow white theme party boxes snow white - awesome themed parties

Masks: The awesome masks were from Amazing Party Shop on Etsy – they make all sorts of masks ready for instant download too.

The Cake: To make the cake I used an apple wrapped in fondant, brushed in water and then dipped in edible glitter, together with some icing roses that I had pre-made – I used this tutorial here. It was a victoria sponge – I used this recipe (because frankly you can not go wrong with Mary Berry!).

Games: During the party we played the usual pass the parcel and musical statues. I gave each child a dwarf mask (the birthday girl was Snow White), I then played ‘follow the leader’ and ‘heigh ho’ whilst leading the kids around the room. The kids ‘mined’ for treasure in 5 large boxes. Each box had a different gift for each child. One box had swords and crowns, one had bags of sticky gem stones, one bags of sweets, one wands and pirate patches and one rings and toy cars. Then the kids decorated their crowns and swords with the gem stones and some felt tips. I used Baker Ross for most of my supplies.

Snow White was from the brilliant Awesome themed parties – if you are in Hertfordshire, I highly recommend them!

Decor: The apple in the dome was made from a polystyrene ball, wrapped in air dry clay and then painted with regular acrylic paint and dipped in fine glitter. I didn’t worry about sealing the glitter in as I knew small fingers wouldn’t be able to get to it under the dome, but I would definitely use a spray clear gloss or sealant if you wanted to be able to handle the apple. I managed to find a great snow white doll in a charity shop and printed off the 7 dwarves to stuck around the room. I also printed off bunting and a sign for the entrance using this free printable.

I made a photo prop using sign board (and a little gaffa tape on the seams!) for the guests to sit behind and have their photo taken.

Food: The biscuits were made by my talented friend and yes they were as yummy as they look!

Each guest was also given a homemade toffee apple – pretty easy to make via this tutorial.

I made lunch boxes using boxes from Amazon, yellow tulle and red ribbon, together with a printed tag – each with a guest’s name on. This made it so easy when it came to food time – no need to hand out the food, it was all prepped and ready to go- I highly recommend this for kid’s party food! I used red plates and added cut out foam leaves (stuck with a glue gun) to the top to make them look like apples. This was really quick and looked great together with the colourful cups, straws and boxes.

If you have any top party tips why not pop them in the messages below….

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